Get a fresh, attractive look featuring magnetic eyes.

I'll show you how!

Make-up coaching sessions, group classes and colour analysis sessions are intended for women of all ages: 
· as an introduction and walk-through for teenagers,
· as an approach for young women to discover their own charming harmony,
· as a way for bestagers to shine again of a brand new light.

All will benefit in terms of improved confidence and gratifying well-being.


As a guarantee of 100% real pictures, these images were not edited using any photographic filters or effects.


  • One-to-one Coaching

    Customized, practice-based training, aimed at developing quick make-up, daytime make-up, evening make-up, or skills for special occasions, including step-by-step make-up techniques.
    All material for the lessons is provided.
    Consulting on products and hues for bespoke make-up results.
    For 1 person or up to 4 participants.
    Duration: from 2 to 4 hours.
    Location: your home or any other suitable location.

  • Theme-based Coaching

    Practical training session on a specific makeup topic (small groups only).
    All material for the workshops is provided.
    Consulting on products and hues for bespoke make-up results.
    For small groups.
    Duration: from 4 to 5 hours.
    Location: your home or any other suitable location.

  • Make-up Group classes

    Basic or advanced group classes with introduction to basic and special make-up theory and practice.
    All material for the group classes is provided.
    Also for large groups.
    Duration: from 4 to 6 hours.
    Location: any suitable location.
    Courses organised by or at public institutions are listed in the event calendar and in the news.


    Everybody has a certain skin undertone which does not change throughout our entire life, based on which some colours suit them best.
    That's why some tones will simply look better than others, illuminating and enhancing one’s complexion and making fine lines, dark circles and skin discoloration less visible.
    During the colour analysis you will discover first-hand the reactions and emotions that can be evoked by colours: your face will appear tired and exhausted or fresh and youthful depending on your ideal tones, no matter what your actual age is.
    Identification of your seasonal subgroup by means of special drapes.
    Individual colour palette with your own personal tones for use in beauty, wardrobe and accessories.
    For 1 person or small groups.
    Location: your home or any suitable location.

Prices on request.

Mobile Service in South Tyrol, Trentino and also outside the region.