Colour Analysis

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Everybody has a certain skin undertone which does not change throughout our entire life, based on which some colours suit them best.
That’s why some tones will simply look better than others, illuminating and enhancing one’s complexion and making fine lines, dark circles and skin discoloration less visible.

During the colour analysis you will discover first-hand the reactions and emotions that can be evoked by colours: your face will appear tired and exhausted or fresh and youthful depending on your ideal tones, no matter what your actual age is.


  • Identification of your seasonal subgroup by means of special drapes according to the method of the Italian Image Institute - Milan.
  • Individual colour palette with your own personal tones for use in beauty, wardrobe and accessories.


  • For 1 person / 2 people / 3-4 people / groups
  • Location: my studio or any other suitable location

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